Local SEO : Why do local SEO?

One wants to see a dentist but he has no idea about a good doctor in Dhaka. Then he will search for the best dentist in Dhaka city. If a doctor has a web site and local SEO is done on that site. Then that doctor will get several patients every months.

In the context of our country, it sounds like it sounds,

but everyone who does business locally abroad has a site.

And all these sites cost a lot of money to do local SEO. As a result, they benefit.

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Why do we need on-page SEO? : When we want to rank a site, we need to do on-page SEO first , This needs to be done because our site needs to be ranked according to Google’s rules by Google Recommendation, so we need to do on-page SEO first.


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Google search console : The Google Search Console site needs to be indexed

because if Google has your site then Google will submit what you.

publish to your website and if submitted then your content will be visible to Google visitors.


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Keyword research :Keyword research is very important because if your content is the type of keyword that people are searching for,

then your content will be found by visitors to your site, so I think keyword research is very important.


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Backlinks :  Backlinks need to be done because to increase the DA of your site or visitors or so.

I think backlinks are important after on-page SEO.  professional seo services


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